Seminar Series

All talks will be held in the Herklotz Conference Room in the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory/Qureshey Research Lab at 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

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Sven Vanneste, UTD
advanced brain scanning, electrophysiological techniques, neuromodulation
“Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity”
Herklotz Center 4pm

Assal Habibi, USC
child development, cognitive neuroscience, social development, music training
“The Brain’s Crescendo: How Music Training Impacts Child Development”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Nace Golding, UT
sensory function and development, dendritic integration, auditory neural circuits
“Developmental regulation of temporal precision in the mammalian sound localization circuitry”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Li Zhang, USC
systems neuroscience, imaging of neural circuits, auditory cortex
“Neural Circuits for Auditory Behaviors and Emotions”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Raymond Goldsworthy, USC
signal processing, psychoacoustics, auditory rehabilitation
“Improving Cochlear Implant Signal Processing”
*Medical Sciences Bldg E Conference Room* 4pm
 Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras, CCNY
 brain development
 “Coordinated development of vascular and perivascular cells during a critical period of synaptic refinement in the auditory system”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Anu Sharma, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
cortical plasticity, cross-modal reorganization in the context of hearing loss and audiological interventions
“Cross-Modal Re-organization in Hearing Loss”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Sarah Creel, UCSD
language development, word recognition, eye tracking, cognitive control, music perception
Protracted Perceptual Learning and Why Children aren’t so great at Language
Herklotz Center 4pm
Yuan Wang, Florida State University
neuronal circuits, neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegeneration
Circuit development and dynamics in the auditory brainstem – Implications in fragile x syndrome
Herklotz Center 4pm
Josh Bernstein, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
speech intelligibility, computational modeling, multimodal speech perception by cochlear implant users
“Optimizing cochlear implants for single-sided deafness”
Herklotz Center 4pm
**SPECIAL ARO DATE: 2/15/2018**
Shihab Shamma, University of Maryland
acoustic signal representation in mammalian auditory systems, neurophysiology, psychoacoustics
“Cortical Mechanisms for Auditory Cognition: Selective Attention and Categorization”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Ivan Milenkovic, University of Leipzig
imaging, age-related changes in plasticity and spatial hearing, encoding of simple and complex sounds
“Modulation of neuronal activity by ATP, GABA and glycine in the developing auditory brainstem circuit
Herklotz Center 4pm
Lee Miller, UC Davis
neural networks involving speech perception, multisensory integration, audiovisual spatial attention and integration
“Hearing Loss and Neurotechnology: New Approaches to Improve Speech Perception”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Mike Wehr, University of Oregon
how local circuits in the auditory cortex encode and transform sensory information
“Temporal processing circuitry in auditory cortex”
Herklotz Center 4pm
CANCELLED: Adrian KC Lee, University of Washington
auditory attention, spatial localization, multimodal imaging
“Mapping the cortical dynamics of auditory attention”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Charlie Schroeder, Nathan Kline Institute and Colombia Univ.
neural mechanisms of sensory and cognitive processing, electrical field potentials
“Rhythm-based selection of cell-circuits at local and network scales”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Laurel Carney, University of Rochester
neurophysiological and computational modeling, complex sounds, signal processing
“Representations of complex sounds in the midbrain”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Frédéric Theunissen, University of California, Berkeley
auditory cortex, auditory processing, neural processing
“Voice and meaning in the avian brain”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Mitch Sutter, University of California, Davis
attention and action regarding neural processing of sound
“Modulation of auditory cortical activity by task-engagement”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Sarah London, University of Chicago
brain development, molecular and genomic correlates of behavior, experience-dependent neural plasticity, learning and memory
“Associating epigenetic modifications with sensory learning of complex natural behavior”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Khaleel Razak, UC Riverside
sensory processing development, auditory cortex, echolocation, passive sound localization, Fragile X
“Mechanisms of altered cortical spectrotemporal processing in a mouse model of presbycusis”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Greg Hickok, UC Irvine
neuroanatomy of language, neural plasticity, neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience
“What is the planum temporale doing for hearing and speech?”
Herklotz Center 4pm
John Middlebrooks, UC Irvine
neurophysiology, psychophysics, auditory prosthesis, computational neuroscience; auditory cortex
“Spatial Hearing at the Cocktail Party”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Dr. Jim D’Amour, New York University
auditory cortex plasticity, oxytocin, pup calls
“Concurrent excitatory and inhibitory plasticity in the auditory cortex”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carolyn McClaskey
Dr. Christophe Micheyl, Starkey Hearing Research Center
psychometrics, Bayesian statistics, audio signal processing
“Bayesian models in hearing science”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carolyn McClaskey
Dr. Dan Polley, Harvard
modulation and plasticity of auditory processing
“Recovery of sensory function following peripheral nerve injury: the intersection of intrinsic compensatory plasticity and immersive sensory training”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Cait Askew
Dr. Sarah Bottjer, USC
vocal learning and behavior, neurogenesis and cell death, activity-dependent refinement of neural connectivity, synaptic plasticity and neurophysiology
“Neural representations of current and goal behaviors during sensorimotor learning”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Sarah
Dr. Donna Fekete, Purdue
molecular basis of inner ear development
“Patterning the radial axis of the developing cochlea”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Sarah
Dr. Harrison Lin, UC Irvine
skull base surgery, otology, neurotology, hearing and balance
“Intraneural stimulation of cranial nerves”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host: Sarah
Dr. Deda Gillespie, McMaster University
neural development, plasticity and sensory processing
“Glutamate/GABA/glycine co-transmission in the immature auditory brainstem: Sorting it all out”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Sarah
Dr. Edward Chang, UC San Francisco
human speech, intractable epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, and adult brain tumors
“Speech processing in the human superior temporal gyrus”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Luke
Dr. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Boston University
Auditory attention, spatial hearing, neuro-electric imaging, neural coding
“Individual differences in listeners with normal hearing thresholds”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Sarah
Dr. Frederick J. Gallun, Oregon Health and Science University
auditory; psychophysics; hearing loss; binaural; traumatic brain injury
“Diagnosing central auditory dysfunction in an adult population”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carolyn McClaskey
Dr. Ron Frostig, UC Irvine
Sensory neocortex: structure, function and plasticity
“The spread: a novel unifying principle for sensory neocortex”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Luke
Dr. Stephen David, Oregon Health and Science University
auditory system, cortex, computational neuroscience, systems neuroscience, behavior
”Understanding the network for top-down control of auditory representation”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Luke Baltzell
Dr. Yaser Ghavami, UC Irvine
otolaryngology, otology, microvascular surgery, hearing loss
“Vestibular Migraine and Meniere’s Disease”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Luke Baltzell
Dr. Raju Metherate, UC Irvine
neurophysiology, synaptic physiology of auditory cortex
“Towards a first drug treatment for auditory processing disorders; actions of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain”
Natural Sciences I Rm 1114 4pm Host:Cait Askew
Dr. Dan Sanes, NYU
auditory science, neural development, and learning
“Critical periods for neural and perceptual development”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carol
Dr. Josh McDermott, MIT
psychophysics and computational audition, music perception
“Understanding Audition via Sound Analysis and Synthesis”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carolyn
Dr. Carolina Abdala, USC
cochlear physiology and function, aging in peripheral auditory system
“Development of Human Cochlear Function”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carol
Dr. Sunil P. Gandhi, UC Irvine
cortical plasticity, connectivity
“Reactivating cortical plasticity using inhibitory neuron transplantation”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carolyn
Dr. Mike Yassa, UC Irvine
long term memory, neurodegenerative diseases, aging, imaging
“Memory discrimination and the aging brain”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Dr. Raju Metherate
Dr. Yi Shen, UC Irvine
“Failures of acoustic communication from target-masker similarity”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Carol
Dr. George Spirou, West Virginia University
neural mechanisms and development of neural circuits for sound localization
“Structural Transformations of Neurons and Glia During Neural Circuit Formation”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Minhan
Dr. Jeffrey Wenstrup, Northeast Ohio Medical University
mechanisms of central auditory processing and limbic system
“Acoustic Communication and the Emotional Brain:Contextual Modulation of Auditory Responses in the Amygdala”
Herklotz Center 4pm Host:Sarah
Dr. Sarah Bottjer, USC
auditory development and learning, neural circuits (cellular and systems level)
“Cortico-basal ganglia circuits for developmentally regulated learning”
Dr. Peter Bremen, UC Irvine
spatial sound localization, auditory scene analysis, neurophysiology, psychophysics
“Source Segregation by Spectra and Space”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Dr. Allan Ryan, UC San Diego
inner/middle ear biology, hair cells, auditory dysfunction
“Molecular mechanisms of hair cell damage and fate regulation”
Herklotz Center 4pm
Dr. Edwin Rubel, University of Washington
inner ear development, plasticity and pathology, hair cell death, auditory pathway
“Dendritic Patterning In Binaural Brainstem Auditory Neurons: What We’ve Learned About Dendritic Plasticity And What We May Learn About Communication Deficits Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders”
SBSG 1517 4pm