Kasia M. Bieszczad

Name: Kasia M. Bieszczad, Ph.D.
Academic Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Department: Neurobiology and Behavior
Website: http://sites.uci.edu/kasiamb/
Research Interest: Learning, memory and the underlying contribution of plasticity in the adult auditory cortex for remembering auditory details of significant experiences.

Kasia M. Bieszczad says:
“UC Irvine provides an interdisciplinary environment for hearing research that encompasses research in basic sensory physiology, neurobiology, behavioral psychology, and clinical application among a team of researchers that together can contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the neural processes that enable hearing, listening, and auditory comprehension. Thus, the CHR at UC Irvine creates an atmosphere to conduct hearing research that is constantly geared towards the “bigger picture”, e.g., for how basic science can be translated to applied science in a clinical setting. The interdisciplinary activities of the CHR are especially important for keeping in mind that the function of the auditory system lies at a complex junction between sensory and cognitive processes, which is integral to my own research on the plasticity of the auditory system as animals learn and remember.”