Carol Q. Pham

Name: Carol Q. Pham
Academic Position: PhD student
Department: Anatomy & Neurobiology, UCI
Research Interest: I study auditory processing of complex stimuli in cochlear implant listeners with the motivation to better understand the implant speech-in-noise processing deficit.

Carol Q. Pham says:
“I chose to pursue my studies in the Hearing and Speech Laboratory at UCI because I wanted to explore how the ears and the brain work together to represent a complex auditory scene in the impaired auditory system. Furthermore, I want to do research that impacts the quality of communication in hearing impaired individuals and that also provides an outlet for communicating awareness for preventable hearing loss. As a member of UCI’s Center for Hearing Research, I learn from multi-disciplinary scientists and benefit from the collaborative nature created by the CHR. The institutional support and camaraderie of CHR colleagues fosters a hospitable scientific environment which make the pursuit of advancing hearing sciences enjoyable.”