2014 9th Annual Symposium

UCI’s Center for Hearing Research Ninth Annual Symposium:
Len Fest

The Center for Hearing Research Ninth Annual Symposium will celebrate the contributions of Dr. Leonard Kitzes to UC Irvine and, specifically, to the UCI Center for Hearing Research. The symposium will feature presentations from Len’s trainees and colleagues.

Herklotz Auditorium, UC Irvine
Friday June 13, 2014

1:00 PM CHR update, CHR Director Fan-Gang Zeng, UC Irvine

1:10 PM Len Fest introduction – John Middlebrooks and Raju Metherate, UC Irvine

1:15 PM “Auditory Cortex, from Serial Processor to Executive Controller.” Kyle Nakamoto, Northeast Ohio Medical University

2:00 PM “Auditory Brainstem Circuit Development and Plasticity.” Karina S. Cramer, UC Irvine

2:45 PM “Critical Periods in Sensory System Development – From Plasticity to Stability.” Edwin Rubel, University of Washington

3:30 PM Afternoon Break

4:00 PM “Hearing Decline in Middle Age: Speech Perception and Cognition as Indices of Change.” David R. Moore, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

4:45 PM “Remodeling Auditory Cortex.” Michael M. Merzenich, UC San Francisco

5:30 PM Discussion and Closing Remarks — Fan-Gang Zeng

5:45 PM Adjourn

Co-sponsored by Center for Hearing Research; Departments of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Anatomy and Neurobiology, and Neurobiology and Behavior; School of Social Sciences; and Providence Hearing and Speech Center